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The National Multi-User Silicon Carbide Research Fab (MUSiC), is the only low-volume SiC integrated circuit fabrication facility, as a national resource open for your use, for prototyping and proof-of-principle demonstrations of novel ideas, all of which provide the opportunity for all American researchers to develop new and novel breakthroughs in the semiconductor area.

MUSiC addresses and removes many of the roadblocks facing the current and future competitiveness of US research and ingenuity in SiC electronics for a broad range of devices, circuits, and applications analogous to how silicon fabrication addresses a vast array of consumer, power, and communication electronic systems.

The fabrication facility will:

  • Train students and produce the next generation of well-trained leaders in the semiconductor community.
  • Attract excellent faculty to the U of A.
  • Attract new industry to Arkansas.
  • Produce new technology that becomes a source for start-up companies.
  • Serve as a bridge between traditional university research and high-volume manufacturing of SiC circuits, thus filling a vital gap in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing for universities, national labs and businesses of all sizes that need low-volume prototyping.
Total Research Fabrication Area: 10,800 sq. ft.
Clean Room Bay Processing Area: 6,500 sq. ft.

What is the Impact?

The MUSiC low-volume “open” research facility will be the only one in the US and the consequence will have a growing national impact:


American researchers with exciting design ideas for novel SiC-based circuits, devices, and systems, have a local resource to fabricate their designs and test new concepts.


SiC integrated circuits can become available for research on emerging technologies.


The research community can develop and provide access to secure and leading-edge semiconductors for critical infrastructure systems.


MUSiC will help prepare the next generation of researchers with the ingenuity and innovation skills needed to lead the US in new SiC devices and integrated circuits.

When Will it Be Ready?

  • Portable Cleanroom/Equipment – July 2023
  • Primitive Integrated Circuit – Jan 2024
  • New Cleanroom with Equipment – Oct 2024
  • Advanced Integrated Circuit – July 2025
  • ¼ Micron CMOS Processing – July 2026

It will provide, for the first time, a digital platform that will catalyze collaborations, and serve as a central clearinghouse for all things SiC. In contrast to typical university research labs that produce a single process enhancement (e.g., gate oxide) or device (a working transistor), the MUSiC Research Fab will incorporate advances from the US and world community to continually improve and be a mechanism to unleash these advances into small volume prototyping for subsequent system evaluation.

MUSiC will continually recruit new users and spawn new collaborations through research community engagement. In this way, MUSiC will leverage national, collective research strengths and advance SiC science and technology, maintaining US leadership and domestic semiconductor fabrication.

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